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At Truth & Life Publishers our main commitment is to recover and republish important Christian books written in centuries past that are now unknown or simply unavailable to Christian readers. These include major biblical commentaries, valuable theological treatises, formative practical books on Christian living, significant histories and biographies. We do so in the conviction that the recovery of these lost literary treasures will contribute to the theological and spiritual reformation so much needed in contemporary Christianity.

Understanding the Gospel


Finding Hope in an Age of Hopelessness

Sometimes a treasure can be right at hand and yet go unnoticed. This is certainly the case with the Letter of the apostle Paul to the Christians in Rome. Though part of the Bible, few people have ever read it, let alone seriously pondered its contents. Yet this letter represents a treasure of incalculable value because it explains with clarity and depth the message of the Christian gospel.

To some this may not mean anything; to others it may mean every-thing. It depends on how one views life. If you are a person who takes life as it comes, without asking any fundamental question, without seeking anything beyond the immediate and ephemeral, then the contents of this letter would not interest you. But if you are a person who is not content to live on the surface, but feels the burden of unanswered questions concerning life’s origin, meaning, and destiny, then this letter represents an extraordinary point of reference.

This is particularly true today. The radical crisis that pervades our contemporary world, is evidenced by the breakdown of our society at all levels—moral, social, institutional, financial. It is shaking the consciences of millions who no longer know what to think. Indeed, if there ever was a time in history in which man needed to stop and reconsider everything, that time is today. Tomorrow may be too late. Let us seek for answers, therefore, and seek them in the only place where the truth can be found—not in the word of man, but in the Word of God.

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YEAR: 2016


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“We live in a day in which even the church is losing the gospel. More and more, professing Christians and churches are turning away from the biblical message for a man-made version which has no power to save sinners. This is why Understanding the Gospel is so vital today. Using Paul’s letter to the Romans as his guide, the author skillfully lays out the salient points of the biblical message of salvation. I highly recommend Understanding the Gospel to all who have an interest in knowing, worshiping, and serving the true God of Scripture.”

Pastor of Northwest Bible Church
Oklahoma City, OK

Mission to China


The Life of Henrietta Shuck (1817-1844) – First Female Missionary to China

The pages of this book contain one of the most moving narratives in the history of Christian missions—the life of Henrietta Shuck. New documents have been included, containing several letters by her husband, Jehu Shuck.


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YEAR: 2016


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Born in Virginia, the daughter of Rev. Addison Hall, Henrietta married missionary Jehu Shuck and with him sailed for China in September 1835. After a period of language training in Singapore, the young missionary couple settled in Macao, where they immediately began to work: Jehu evangelizing and publishing gospel literature, Henrietta reaching out to needy children, especially orphans. It took much faith and love to overcome the diffidence of the Chinese, but in time some nationals were converted and a congregation was formed. 

A school was opened for Chinese children, some of whom Henrietta adopted into her home. She was horrified at the sight of young girls segregated and subjected to foot-binding, or worst still, of children sold into slavery and prostitution, Henrietta courageously called for an end of these evil practices and exerted herself to improve the condition of children and women in Chinese society. Above all she shared with all the liberating message of the gospel, convinced that all earthly gains amount to nothing if in the end a person loses his own soul.

When, in 1842, the Shucks moved to Hong Kong, they replicated there what they had done in Macao. Soon a church was formed and a school was started, with dozens of children attending. Henrietta fed them, clothed them, and nurtured them all, together with her own four children. She did this lovingly, diligently, tirelessly . . . until suddenly, on November 27, 1844, her health failed, and she died at the young age of twenty-seven.

Two days later her desolate husband wrote to her father: ‘Her mind was engaged in prayer to the last . . . she literally fell asleep in Jesus, yes, almost like Enoch, translated, for having walked with God . . . She seems to have passed away like a glorious meteor, and her light still shines.” Indeed, her light still shines today—in the many vivid letters she wrote to her supporters at home, in the honest pages she penned in her personal journal, and in other valuable documents collected in this previous book. May the Lord use Mission to China to inspire many other men and women to the service of the gospel.


But God



A Word of Hope for the Hopeless

A powerful sermon by Dr. Lloyd-Jones from Ephesians 2:1-10, revealing God as our only hope for salvation.

“Have you heard the news?”, they say, “Have you read the paper?”, and they hold before us the whole world’s situation and the teaming problems that are afflicting mankind at this present hour. Then they begin to express their opinions and indulge in their forebodings. “Isn’t it terrible,” they say, “What is going to happen?” And so they speak, give their opinions and impressions and indulge in their prognostications. And then, when they finish, you and I begin.

And what is it that we have to say to them? “Yes,” we say, “everything you have been saying is very right and perfectly true. The times are evil; the times are out of joint; the outlook is indeed as black as you say, but . . . God!” And then we begin to tell them what the gospel has to say about it all. That is it! You see, the gospel begins always where man ends. Men’s extremity is God’s opportunity.


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David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899 – 1981) served the Lord for nearly thirty years as the minister of Westminster Chapel in London. One of the greatest preachers of the 20th century, his books have become a fundamental point of reference for Christians throughout the world.


He Died for Us


The Divine Nature and Healing Power of Christ’s Death

Four sermons by early Baptist pastor and author Caleb Evans (1737-1791). Introduction by Dr. Michael A. Haykin.

In the history of God’s people there have been many Christians whose name has been forgotten but whose life and labors deserve to be remembered and treasured. This is most certainly the case with Caleb Evans (1737-1791). Pastor of Broadmead Baptist Church in Bristol, president of the Bristol Baptist College, founder of charity schools for the care of poor children, and opposer of an unjustifiable slave trade that had in Bristol one of its main centers,

Evans was also a strong theologian. His commitment to the foundational truths of the Christian faith, as held and defended by particular Baptists, can be seen in the many publications he authored. He Died for Us, dealing with such a weighty subject as the divine nature and redeeming power of Christ’s death, is undoubtedly one of his most important works. Its biblical soundness, solid argumentations, and pastoral instructions make this a timeless work that will not fail to benefit the serious-minded reader.

The Baptist Heritage Series

The Baptist Heritage Series aims at republishing in updated language and format valuable books written by Baptist authors in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. It is based on the conviction that the recovery of these lost treasures will contribute to the theological and spiritual reformation so much needed in contemporary Christianity.


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“Not only was the late eighteenth century indebted to Caleb Evans, but I have found my own twenty-first century mind greatly stirred and edified by his work. Evans engaged the timeless truth and power of the atoning work of Christ in the context of a specific challenge presented by the Socinian English Dissenter Joseph Priestly. Priestly denied the Trinity and consequently the deity of Christ, and, in a horrific cascade of consistency, the doctrine of substitution and propitiation in the atoning work of Christ. Necessarily then justification by faith and all its attendant doctrines had to go also.

Evans looked to the central doctrine of substitutionary atonement as the key by which to reconstruct the power and truly biblical dimensions of all these doctrines. His cogent, clear and powerful presentation of biblical texts and doctrinal and apologetic reasoning about the glory of the cross and the person whose life it took feed the heart and satisfy the mind. In our own theological context, when some wearing the badge of evangelical seek to remove the biblical theme of substitution from the cross, this argument is just as relevant and powerful as it was when Evans first preached–and then published–his answer to these serious perversions of the gospel.”

Professor of Church History Emeritus
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY


“There are some doctrines of the Christian faith that must be re-articulated and defended in every generation until Jesus comes. Among these, perhaps none is more critical than the doctrine of the person and work of Christ as it comes to fruition in his atonement for sinners. In his generation, Caleb Evans, the Pastor of Broadmead Baptist Church and Principal of Bristol Baptist Academy, proclaimed and defended this great truth with eloquence and biblical precision. This republication gives us all another opportunity to profit from this important work.”

Principal, The Toronto Baptist Seminary, Toronto, Ontario

“Is there anything more soul-satisfying than the contemplation of Christ-crucified? Here is food for the hungry and rest for the weary. In the present work, Caleb Evans expounds the wonders of this glorious truth with biblical fidelity and pastoral sensitivity. Read it, and be encouraged in Christ our Savior.”

Pastor, Grace Community Church, Glen Rose, TX.
Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY


“In reading these four magnificent sermons by Caleb Evans from the 18th century on the achievement of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, one is struck with how relevant they are to today’s discussion! Throughout the ages, the cross has been a stumbling block to unbelievers but the power and wisdom of God to the church. Evans does a masterful job dismantling criticism of the cross in his day (which also applies to our own day) and simultaneously presenting our Lord’s work in all of its beauty, depth, and breadth. Take up and read these wonderful sermons, and more than that, rejoice in Christ crucified, and leave determined to know him who is life eternal and to make him known to the world.”

Professor of Christian Theology at
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


The Sovreignty of God and the Suffering of Man


Learning Precious Lessons in the School of Suffering

Enclosed in this book are two treatises of early Baptist pastor Hercules Collins (1647-1702). As one of the original signatories of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), Collins shared that robust and practical theology that allowed Particular Baptists churches to overcome the many and difficult trials of history and leave a strong testimony of Christian faithfulness and service. The first treatise, originally entitled Mountains of Brass, or a Discourse upon the Decrees of God (1690), distils Collins’ biblical understanding of God’s sovereignty over all things.

The second treatise, entitled The Scribe Instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven (1696), enlightens the reader concerning the many precious “lessons” that can be learned “in the school of suffering”. The sensitivity and depth with which Collins writes on this topic come from the many trials he himself experienced, including persecution and incarceration from the sake of Christ. May Collins’ writings instruct and encourage God’s people today as they have in the past.

The Baptist Heritage Series

The Baptist Heritage Series aims at republishing in updated language and format valuable books written by Baptist authors in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. It is based on the conviction that the recovery of these lost treasures will contribute to the theological and spiritual reformation so much needed in contemporary Christianity.


YEAR: 2016


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“Hercules Collins deserves to be more widely known. These works were published in the decade following the sufferings of the Restoration years. They are the heavenly-minded reflections of a man who personally persevered through them because he was firmly persuaded that all such trials were ordered by God. A heart-warming read for those interested in seventeenth-century Baptists, but also for every Christian facing hardships for Christ’s sake.”

– Austin Walker, Pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley, UK.

“1 Samuel 25:25 says ‘As his name is, so is he.’ This is certainly true of Hercules Collins, who was a mighty man of God. It is wonderful to have these helpful works available again for modern readers. They will put muscle into your soul, building you up in the things of God.”

– James M. Renihan, Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, Escondido, CA